Pre-licence School Education - Our Philosophy

Young drivers are the most vulnerable road users. The statistics are alarming and are not improving. We need to explore ways of making these young people better and safer on our roads. We feel that schools have a large part to play regarding the future safety of their students.

Emergency services have excellent school programs. Our schools program will enhance their programs. We can help to convince our future drivers that the crashes causing injury and death as described by the Emergency Services do not just happen to someone else.

With the experience of actually driving a real car with our simulator, it is made very clear that they are very likely to be part of our tragic statistics if they display bad driving attitudes.

Our school sessions are delivered to groups. This ensures that there is an impact on the attitude of students as passengers as well as drivers. It is well documented that passengers can play a large part regarding how the driver behaves.

We believe that we can transform the way our young future drivers are educated regarding safe driving. Our state-of-the-art virtual reality simulator is exciting, interactive, fun and most importantly effective. Being totally portable, we can deliver our programs to anywhere in Australia, taking the system to the nation’s schools and public events.

Regional Benefits

Members of the country communities will be able to experience road situations such as traffic lights and busy right turns. (Unbelievably, country residents can obtain their P’s without experiencing these hazards). This will help to prepare them for town and city driving. Young drivers everywhere will be able to think defensively about driving.

It is impossible to create certain situations such as a dog running out in front of the car on a driving lesson. We can prepare drivers for this type of danger by teaching them to think positively (e.g. a dog will run out from behind these cars). In fact, we have this and similar scenarios available.

We hope that you will share in our enthusiasm for the simulator and will consider using us a part of your Driver Education programs in your school. We truly believe that the simulator will make an immediate impact on how new drivers will approach their future behind the wheel.

Current funding is available for schools in South Australia. Continue reading below for details.

Save A Life Australia
Bendigo Bank

A Crucial Road Safety Program - At A Crucial Time For Your School Community

Save A Life Australia and Bendigo Bank have come together to deliver a proven road awareness program to students, parents and the wider communities around South Australia.

Our program is aimed at Year 10 students; this is because they will either be on their Learner's permit or about to get it. The timing of this program is crucial, as we know that a Learner with the right attitude should develop into a safe and responsible driver. Smaller schools can include older year groups where practicable.

Our program goes beyond the students. Research shows that many Learner drivers develop bad habits and gain incorrect road law knowledge from parents. With this in mind we have developed an information session for all parents and supervising drivers. The session addresses many areas of the Learner process including how to look for the right Driving Instructor, how to be a better supervising driver and changes in road law. We also discuss choosing the right vehicle and strategies to keep safe on the road once the Learner gains his / her P Plates. The parents' session is delivered in the evening to allow working parents to attend.

Save A Life Australia has enjoyed a working relationship with SA Police and the Metro Fire Service Road Awareness Program (RAP).

SA Police (when available) could be a part of your school road safety program and would add to the event in a very positive way.

The RAP sessions from the MFS are delivered across South Australia to Year 11 students. Our Year 10 program has been designed to compliment the RAP presentation and serves as a perfect lead into the P Plate phase of the students' driving lives. This will allow your students to experience the appropriate programs in Year 10 and then in Year 11.

There is no cost to schools. Bendigo Bank and local businesses will be funding the program. Bendigo Bank has an ongoing commitment to its local communities and this is yet another example of their excellent policy.

The program is designed to avoid major disruption of the school day. Therefore, session times can be adapted to run with school timetable. For example, if school lessons are 45 minutes long, we can run our sessions for 45 minutes.

Groups can be as small as one or as large as 35. We use a real car for the students' sessions so would need an area that would fit a vehicle in (as well as the group of students). The area must be out of the elements (wind, rain, sun, etc) and we need access to one domestic power point.

The program consists of two main elements

Evening Session

A presentation and discussion with parents of future and current Learner drivers as well as parents of young drivers already on their Ps, teachers, MPs and any interested road safety stakeholders. Points covered include:

  • Changes in Road Law
  • How to choose the right Instructor
  • How to be better supervising drivers for the Learners
  • Role model behaviours from Parents
  • How to choose safer cars
  • Strategies to keep new drivers safer once on their P Plates

School Day Sessions

Sessions to be held at the school will mainly be aimed at the Year 10 groups. However, smaller schools can include older age groups if possible. The school student sessions are based around the use of Australia's first virtual reality educational driving simulator that is connected to a real car. Points covered include:

  • Perspective of the Police regarding keeping young drivers safe
  • Experience of losing a friend
  • Consequences of not wearing seatbelts
  • Positive Driving - The art of advanced defensive mindsets for drivers
  • View from the driver's seat - a look at how so many dangers are hard to see
  • Inattention - Driving while using mobile phones etc
  • Looking after your mates
  • How to be intelligent passengers


Results taken from student surveys indicate that the students have a very positive experience and leave the sessions with excellent attitudes. Here are two sample results from students' questionnaires following the joint Save A Life Australia and SAPOL program delivered to metro and regional schools in recent years.

  1. I understand the concepts of hazard perception and risk identification.

    • Agree 99.34%
    • Disagree 0.66%
  2. I understand the importance of limiting risky behaviour to keep myself and passengers safe in a vehicle.

    • Agree 99.34%
    • Disagree 0.66%

The evidence data has been collated from sessions held within Adelaide Metro schools; Urrbrae High School, Windsor Gardens College, Murray Bridge, St Pauls College, St Mary's College. Rural schools consisted of Waikerie High School, Naracoorte High School and Roxby Downs.

We are confident that students, their parents and indeed the wider school community will benefit by experiencing what has been described as a ground breaking and very experiential program.

Our simulator system has been used by SA Police to launch inattention campaigns and by the Motor Accident Commission as part of the highly acclaimed Inattention Road Show.

It has also featured on many news and current affairs programs across Australia.

For further details or to book the program for your school please contact us at Save A Life Australia.

Save A Life Australia Pty Ltd is a Road Safety Education company. No individual Driving Instructors or Driving Schools are recommended or promoted in any of our programs in any way.