Corporate Driver Training

The way a company’s fleet of vehicles is driven can make or break a business. We can promote a safer and more economical approach to driving that could save companies thousands of dollars that may be wasted on fuel and general vehicle running costs as well as insurance and repair bills.

Your Duty Of Care (OH&S)

Your company is asking its employees to operate a machine in an environment that according to the Australian Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development kills on average more than 100 Australians every month – a vehicle.

All companies should provide ongoing training to maximize safety while using its vehicles.

Fleet Driver Awareness Program.

Using our driving simulator, we deliver sessions to groups discussing the mindset of driving and how we should consider the act of driving as a major part of our job. Using various real-life scenarios we can replicate incidents and help to reduce reaction speeds in drivers. A reduced reaction speed could help to avoid a crash or even save a life.

The driving simulator is connected to a real car with the driver virtually driving through scenarios. We can allow drivers to attempt driving through scenarios while using a mobile device or even simply looking at a worksheet or map. Inattentive driving has taken over from drink driving as the most common cause of serious crashes. We can help to alert drivers to just how dangerous this is.

On-Road Advanced Driver Training

Does my company need driver training?

That’s a question only you can answer. Look at your records. Are your fleet expenses high? Why?

Consider the ongoing expense of fuel.
We can help reduce those costs by training your drivers to drive more defensively and economically.
Consider the ongoing maintenance costs.
We can help your drivers look after their vehicles by using our advanced driving techniques.
Consider the potential of thousands of dollars lost due to collisions on the road (repair bills, higher insurance premiums), let alone the inconvenience of having vehicles off the road.
We can make your drivers safer and reduce risk.
Consider the cost to your company due to employees being injured on the road and having time off work.
Again, we can make them safer drivers to reduce this risk.
Consider the profile of your company.
Any driver who is driving your vehicle with your company name on it is presenting your company image to the public. Bad driving could give the public a bad impression of your business. We can help.

Why choose us?

Save A Life Australia can design courses that will meet your company’s specific needs.
These tailor-made courses are real, on-road and effective.

We can provide theory lectures, on-road assessments and training that could make a real difference to your company.

We do not use skidpans or any other gimmicks. In fact research shows that these types of courses can actually have the opposite affect regarding safe driving and many Police forces around the world want to ban these methods of training.

We offer driving solutions that not only can make a real difference to your employees’ safety, but also can improve the efficiency of their driving.

Financial Benefits

Potential savings for your company could include;

  • Fuel costs
  • Repair costs
  • Insurance premiums
  • Employee injuries (time off work)


As all courses are individually designed, a set price structure is not available. Please contact us to discuss your company requirements with us.

Of course all training is tax deductible.