Corporate Defensive Driving and Awareness Program

Our unique and highly acclaimed Driver Awareness Program has transformed the way some companies approach their ongoing employee driver training for OH&S.

The traditional "Defensive Driving" training days at racetracks etc has been considered to be ineffective and expensive. We believe that there are many reasons for this, mainly the fact that training is not delivered on-road.

We pride ourselves on our on-road extensive defensive driving sessions. Sessions can be held in the company vehicle or in our dual controlled vehicles. Our programs are extremely cost effective and flexible to suit the needs of any company.

As well as on-road sessions, we can deliver group sessions including theory, discussion-based sessions aimed at the company's driving needs and even sessions using our driving simulator (a program proven to be extremely successful with SA Power Networks in recent times).

Using our state of the art virtual reality driving simulator, we can deliver sessions to groups of company drivers at the company premises. Our defensive driving program aims to address the mindset of drivers by discussion-based and hands-on sessions.

Feedback from attendees and management has been extremely positive.

Our simulator can be set up for use on your company vehicles. This gives the whole session a sense of workplace training that doesn’t exist on traditional courses.

Learning outcomes such as better defensive mindsets, use of speed, awareness, positive driving, dangers of inattention and considering the drive to be a crucial part of each job have meant that companies have looked to expand our program throughout their organisations.