Defensive / Advanced Driving Courses

No Gimmicks… Real Driving Skills

Most drivers believe they are skilful and safe on our roads. However, we know that this is NOT the case. Over the last four years South Australia alone has averaged 756 serious injury crashes each year. Of course there are hundreds of crashes that don’t result in serious injury but leave victims with minor injuries as well as increasing insurance tariffs.

There are many types of “defensive” or “advanced” courses advertised. The most popular courses are the ones that develop skid control. These are off road and research suggests that as well as promoting false confidence regarding approaching bends etc. skid control exercises in large empty spaces do not replicate real life situations.

We believe that the most effective way to educate drivers is on the road with training that is designed to suit the client. We can enhance existing skills, introduce new skills and provide clients with a brand new outlook regarding road awareness.

Our aim is to develop drivers into skilful, defensive users of the road.

Our advanced training methods create advanced driving techniques.

Positive Driving

We can teach you how to become a positive driver. This is nothing to do with speed, it’s how you can plan ahead and reduce reaction times when an incident occurs that threatens your safety.

Save A Life Australia is a company that truly puts road safety before profit. Therefore, we only charge the same rate as our Learner Driver sessions.

Our main training domains are:

New / P Plate driver training.
This is valuable for all drivers new to our country or P Plate drivers that want to be safer while gaining their experience as an independent driver.
Chauffeur Drivers.
Learn how to plan ahead, steer, brake etc with ultimate control and smoothness.
Corporate drivers.
Companies can invest in the safety of their drivers by placing them on our advanced driver programs.
Senior drivers.
Probably the best present to give to an elderly member of the family is a refresher driving lesson or two.
Driving Instructors.
Drivers that wish to become Instructors can get driving standards up to speed with us. We can also give existing Instructors training to enhance their own driving skills.