Instructor Advancement

A very important aspect of any teaching job is that the teacher needs to constantly grow and improve. This is why we frequently hear of schools having a teacher-training day.

Once qualified, Driving Instructors have very little opportunity to develop and improve as a teacher.

Save A Life Australia can provide independent ongoing training and development for qualified Driving Instructors who want to improve their teaching abilities and techniques, in turn improving their business. Of course it is logical that the better teachers should have the better skills and should therefore stand out as the better option for parents who want their children to learn how to be safe on our roads.

Our principal trainer Darren Davis draws on years of experience as an Instructor Trainer and mentor in the UK where Instructor standards are notoriously high.

We can provide development sessions for Instructors that work for multi-car schools as well as independent driving schools and sole operators.

Sessions can be targeted to areas of teaching that Instructors feel they want to develop. These could be areas such as question and answer techniques, driver and education psychology, or how to teach specific aspects of driving such as slow speed manoeuvres etc.

Prices are available on request for all courses and individual sessions.

Save A Life Australia also developed and provides the Instructor training for the Adelaide BMW Instructor Course. Instructors could apply to attend this course although an interview process assesses suitability. (See below for details).

Adelaide BMW Approved Instructor Course.

The previous courses have been regarded by Instructors who participated as “Ground breaking and career changing”.

Once the course is completed, Instructors will be on a list that is given to parents who want their children to learn how to drive to a high standard.

Approved Instructors on the list will have their details passed on to all parents who have taken part in the BMW / Save A Life Australia Supervise To Survive Program which is partnered by the SA Metro Fire Service (SAMFS) Road Awareness Program (RAP) and SA Police (SAPOL) Programs.

Our new Road Safety Programs designed by Save A Life Australia and SAPOL as well as the SAMFS RAP program have received support and funding from Adelaide BMW for metro and regional area sessions.

The Save A Life Australia/SAPOL and MFS RAP programs involve an evening session with local road safety stakeholders and parents. These parents are then invited to our Supervise To Survive days at Adelaide BMW.

The Supervise To Survive programs are having an impact regarding how parents view driver training. Only 20 South Australian Instructors will be included on the list and will become a part of a program that we believe will shape a new era in the driver training industry.

The nine-hour training course will cost $500 with an additional $100 annual admin fee. Fees are subject to GST and of course are tax deductable through your business. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your teaching skills and credentials as well as enhancing your business profile. If you receive just one client from being on the list you will have paid for the course twice over.

To register your interest please contact Darren Davis (details below).

Any enquiries can be directed to: