DUI (Driving Under The Influence) Simulator Program

Our goal is to make all drivers safer and to reduce the heartache of families who have to suffer the loss of loved ones so unnecessarily. According to SA Police statistics, in 2004, 35% of people who died on South Australian roads had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05% or higher: Most had BACs three times the legal limit.

These figures are alarming when you consider that the public is subjected to incredibly graphic and expensive anti drink driving advertising campaigns.

The simple fact is that state Police research shows that every 0.05% increase (BAC) above zero doubles the risk of crashing.

We need to find new ways to educate road users! Police presence and advertising has a limited effect regarding driving under the influence of alcohol.

The SALA system will be able to deliver Drink Driving Education to communities using the simulator! It’s an Australian first but has already been working successfully in the US at reducing shocking crash statistics.

The Driving Under the Influence (DUI) program allows drivers the chance to drive a car with a specified amount of alcohol programmed into the software, as if they had been consuming it themselves.

The extensively researched software gives the driver a very clear indication of how alcohol affects the essential senses in the body. The simulator graphically replicates the feeling of driving after drinking alcohol. Vision is impaired (tunnel vision), reactions are delayed and steering becomes ultra-reactive.

Essentially we want to improve awareness and ultimately save lives.

For the first time ever, the general public will have hands on experience of how drink driving can cause such tragic outcomes. All in the safety of a stationary vehicle!

We truly believe that the simulator will make an immediate impact on how all drivers will approach their future behind the wheel.

After experiencing and learning from the simulator program, drivers of all ages will have a real idea of how they would be able to control a car after drinking alcohol. This experience should act as a deterrent to drink driving for real as the “It won’t happen to me” and “I know I can handle a car after drinking “myth is truly busted.